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10 Reasons to Speak to Saul

Client Centered

For nearly 35 years I have been helping individuals, families and business owners navigate through all of the various financial challenges with overwhelmingly positive results. I take a holistic approach with every client by discussing their present situation as well as future financial objectives. I then review all of their current resources and devise a plan that will protect their assets, grow their nest egg and provide for financial independence.

I help with the coordination of your legal documents, insurance & investment ownership / beneficiary arrangements which often are not coordinated & the missed planning opportunities that can cost thousands of dollars.

Step 1

We help you prepare for all of the life-cycle events including insurance, investments, education, savings and retirement.

Step 2

We help with the coordination of your legal documents, insurance, investment ownership and beneficiary arrangements which often are not coordinated and can therefore cost you thousands of dollars in missed opportunities or duplication. We will cover all aspects of estate planning and asset ownership and help with a smooth transition designed to avoid delays and additional legal fees.

Step 3

We can help you reduce your income tax liability.

Step 4

We will determine with you if your family is secure in the event of a death or disability.

Step 5

We will make sure that your assets are protected in the event that long-term care is required.

Step 6

Should you own a business, we will help prepare a Business Succession Plan and discuss or assist in the sale of your business.

Step 7

If you will be taking income from your portfolio or IRA in the next 3 years, we will help you create a conservative distribution plan (RMD), which takes into consideration allocation of investments, taxes and government requirements.

Step 8

We will advise you how to prepare for your aging parents' financial health and elder care needs as well as be sure your assets are protected.

Step 9

If you are in the process of a separation or divorce, we can offer guidance to help you preserve your assets and plan for your financial future.

Step 10

We will meet with you and your family annually to review your financial plan and discuss any changes in your life.

We at Simon Financial Group are here to advise you on your financial planning and to help you look at things from a different perspective. We know these issues can keep people up at night, so we would like to help you reduce your stress and provide you confidence.

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