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Walking Through Challenges that Surround Us

August 25, 2020

I hope this finds each of you safe and healthy as we walk through the challenges that surround us. I have sent communications surrounding investments, giving historical perspective as well as reassurance during these volatile times in the market, but that isn’t the purpose of this e-mail. What I would like to spend a few minutes discussing is your “why”.

I have been privileged to walk beside each of you over the past 35 years. Some of you I have known most of that length of time, others I have met more recently. The one constant in the financial planning work we do…that I see over and over again…is each person has at least one “why”, and many of you have more than one that drives you daily. Your passions, your beliefs, influencing all the seconds that make up each day.

I have been fortunate to listen to tales of taking grandchildren to Disney and dream vacations. Being able to retire and live with financial freedom. Of children and grandchildren born and adopted to graduating high school…college…and even further. Of seeing dreams fulfilled as well as the paths of life change. Of the legacy of passing your professional passion down to your children…and even grandchildren. Of knowing your spouse and children will be ok financially if you weren’t here. Of kids sports all the way to last breaths.

For most of you…I know your “why”, but I vow to ask more intently and then stop and listen harder to make sure I continue to understand what that “why” is for each of you. We take with utmost seriousness the trust you have placed in us to be a part of your life. We vow to stay consistent in our resolve as stewards of your wealth and acutely intentional about the variety of risks that can impact your world. We value the role the financial tools we help you to implement (whether in the investment, risk management, business, or estate world) have; however, we value most of all how each of those tools aligns with and impacts your “why”.

All this being said, our job more than anything else is to “serve first”. To understand your hopes, thoughts, and dreams to the best of our ability. To be there in good times, and more importantly during the challenging times of life.

I appreciate each of you and please know Christina, David & I are here. Any question or concerns you might have…or even if you just want to talk…we are here.

Thanks as always,
Saul, Christina & David