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The Value of An Experienced Financial Advisor

The Value of An Experienced Financial Advisor

July 21, 2022

We are going through a very uncertain time in our history – there is tremendous volatility in the markets, higher interest rates than in recent memory, the highest inflation numbers in 40 years, and gas prices through the roof. This appears to be the new normal for the foreseeable future. Clearly many people have become concerned and now is a good time to review your financial well-being as we move into an unpredictable future. 

I’m Saul Simon and I’ve been helping my clients with their financial, retirement, and estate plans for over 35 years. I’m a fee-based financial advisor and my true purpose has always been to help individuals and families grow, preserve and protect their wealth, and plan for a comfortable retirement.

Oftentimes, I find people purchased products and executed legal documents years ago when they had different intentions for accumulation and/or distribution, and are not coordinated with their current situation. In addition, people have different advisors such as an accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, stockbrokers, etc., who may not be communicating with one another, and therefore their financial security could be in jeopardy. 

I often see glaring conflicts in clients’ financial documents or gaps in their coverage that they were not aware of. These gaps or lack of coordination cannot only be frustrating but can cause family rifts and be costly as well. As an objective advisor “at the table” I explain to people what they do not see or realize in their legal and financial documents based on ownership and beneficiary arrangements so that everything is clarified for them and their families.

So why work with Saul Simon and the Simon Financial Group and what value does our experienced, accomplished, and respected team offer you and your family?

  1. We have the knowledge, experience, and the most current financial and tax information
  2. With your approval, we can speak confidentially with family members and answer pertinent questions about your personal financial future
  3. As a trusted advisor I will only recommend sound advice and what is appropriate and in the best interests of you and your family
  4. We educate you and your family about ever-changing laws that may impact your investments
  5. We are here to help you get through the ups and downs of the economic turmoil that happens every few years
  6. We empathize and understand what each family situation entails
  7. We act as your “GPS” guidance system to help families navigate their way through this unfamiliar territory
  8. We provide you with a sense of clarity, structure, and organization to a complex and unfamiliar process
  9. We offer a customized financial strategy for your specific requirements and future plans
  10. We are available to family members and answer questions as the need arises over the years

In my role as a financial advisor to my clients, I want to be sure that they are prepared for any eventuality. I know that there are some important questions that need to be asked when planning for your future – here are a few to consider:

  • What do you think your heirs need to be better prepared to manage their wealth?
  • Do you have a plan to take care of this?
  • Does your family know what your wishes are when your time comes? If not, do you plan to share those with them?
  • Would it be beneficial for them to know your investment strategy?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you speaking to your family about money?
  • Would it be helpful to have an experienced advisor at the table for that conversation?

As someone who has helped hundreds of clients over the years, I have learned that most people just want to be assured that they are preparing for the future as best as they can. That’s the value I bring to my clients every day. As the economy, the job market, the stock market, etc., all change, financial planning is a constant “work in progress” and I am always ready to continue this ongoing discussion and process so that we are pointing you in the right direction.

How do we work? We offer a no obligation holistic audit, at no cost, we will ask you to gather your legal documents including LLC, buy-sell, prenuptial, postnuptial agreements, trust agreements, investments, IRAs, 401(k) statements, life insurance, to determine the duration, ownership, amount, and beneficiary designations. We ask for these so that we can help you determine where you are today and plan for a secure financial future tomorrow.

After we have a Q & A, we will present you with a 4-5-page summary outlining the areas that we see as potential issues. We want to know that you and your family are as secure and well-prepared as possible for any eventuality.

If you would like to have a no-obligation conversation, please give me a call at 732-623-2070 or schedule a Zoom appointment on my calendar link